PhilanthroPhotos: Intro

I’ve been working on my first real entrepreneurial pet project.  In attempt to gain some feedback, I’m gonna post a comprehensive business plan in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I thought I’d post the initial idea in much shorter form, in hopes of gaining some criticisms, some suggestions, and initial thoughts from potential consumers (or contributors): you.

PhilanthroPhotos: Art. For a cause.

PhilanthroPhotos will be a non-profit photography business that will catalyze photographers’ ability to support charitable causes. Contributing photographers (amateur or professional) will “donate” non-exclusive rights to their photographs to be printed, framed, marketed, and developed into a range of photo products (e.g. coffee table books, calendars, coasters, stretched canvas). Ideal contributors may be amaetur photographers that have spectacular photographs, but would otherwise not seek to sell or market them because of the expense of time and money.

Where does the philanthropy part come in? Each product will include a GlobalGiving gift card that allows the consumer to donate to a cause of their choice. Additionally, PhilanthroPhotos can also partner with local NGOs and donate the charitable revenues directly to their organization.

The items will be cause-marketed as social goods: a way to add to the household decor, support budding artists, and donate to a charitable cause. A good example of a similar product: the incredible Blue Planet Run coffee table book.


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