A New Page on Microfranchise

Loyal readers,

I’ve added a new page to the site that includes a working draft of my senior research. The temporary title is:

Social Sector Microfranchising  in the Developing World: Using the Ideas Behind McDonald’s to Deliver Essential Medicines to the Poor

I post a working draft for a few reasons:

1) In the case that there are any readers out there that have interest in this field, perhaps my research could be beneficial to them

2) In the case that there are any critics out there that have feedback, input, or criticism, perhaps they can further enlighten my research

3) By publishing this work publicly, I feel more accountable for my writing. I wonder why open-source writing projects are not found more often on the internet. I, for one, would be very interested in each step of the writing process from leading experts in any field. Likewise, I imagine that a high volume of readers could offer  insight or new ideas to improve any piece of writing.

My thesis includes case studies on the HealthStore Foundation and Living Goods organizations.  They are amazing organizations that are addressing long-standing global health issues with innovative solutions through markets.


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