Top 3 Ways to Help the World While Sitting on Your Bum.

I’ve become a fan of armchair philanthropy because it gets people engaged in social causes without requiring too much effort.  Here are 3 of the best ways to contribute to great causes without having to leave your computer or even reach for your wallet (we’ll save that for another post):

1) Better the World
At Better the World, you can select a cause that is important to you and then help raise money by doing simple tasks online.  If you sign-up and join the community, make a post on Facebook or twitter, or recruit a few friends, you receive “points” that translate into actual dollars donated to the cause of your choice.Better The World

If you’re really ambitious you can also install a really basic app that adds a frame to the right-side of your browser which shows a few ads for socially responsible companies.  For every ad that comes up, you get more points–basically, you raise money for your cause just by surfing the web.  Already almost $8000 has been raised. Why not quickly sign-up (30 seconds!) and help your cause?

2) Donate your clicks.
A lot of people have probably heard of The Hunger Site.  (If not, check it out).  You go to their homepage, click on a single button and viola: sponsors donate a little bit of money to pay for food to give to the hungry.  Cool idea, huh?

There’s a lot of other similar opportunities to provide clicks that donate to a cause.  It’s not hard to do a Google search for ’em.  If you particularly like animals and/or the environment, you should check out the Click to Donate page on Care2.

3) SocialVibe
I mentioned this in a recent post (I have a SocialVibe banner off to the right of this page) but it’s worth quickly highlighting one more time.  SocialVibe is an application on Facebook, MySpace, and (of course) blogs that allow you to donate to a cause by doing basic online activities or getting readers to click on your ad.  (Go ahead it’s over there!)

It’s really easy and makes a big impact — check the number of gallons already donated because of one single banner on a small month-old blog.  Please feel obligated to help keep the number growing.


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  1. Thanks for this awesome shout out Justin! Maybe you can ad a Better The World Blog Widget to your blog too :)

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