Enter Justin.

I never thought I would join the Blogging revolution; yet somehow, here I am.

I hope that this guy will help me record and develop ideas and opinions and get some feedback from other people interested in the field. I really hope to get people to add, comment on, and challenge any original ideas that I post. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

“Change for $1” will, ideally, focus on ideas of social enterprise, philanthropcapitalism, development, and all those new buzz words that use the power of market mechanisms to provide social profit.

A short list of some of the topics I hope to write on:

  • A “manifesto” on using market mechanisms for poverty alleviation (as suggested by Seth Godin)
  • The philosophy of social justice and its ties with global development and poverty
  • Using consumer power for a good cause (especially the ideas of “Carrotmob” and programs like GoodSearch)
  • The Importance of Student Activism
  • Investigating the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investing
  • The “uncharitable” barriers of the non-profit sector
  • The ties between public health and market mechanisms
  • Related book reviews and musings

Let’s get to work.


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